Registration Form

Inkin’ Elite Retreat Registration

March 17, 18, 19  2017 (Stay the night on Sunday March 19th for an additional $100 - optional)
Pocaterra Inn in Canmore, Alberta

Full Name: ______________________________________________




Telephone #:_____________________________________________


Retreat Registration Fee $295 (non-refundable)

Stay an extra night on Sunday, March 19, 2017 (optional) $100:_________

Stampin' Bingo (optional) $40:_________

Lift Me Up Card Class (optional) $40:_________   OR   $75:_________

Method of payment:

 ________Cash _______Cheque  _______Email $ Transfer



Cancellations:  There are no cancellations or refunds.  

Preferred Roommate: ___________________________________________

Emergency Contact:_____________________________________________

I ___________________(print your name here) understand that by submitting this signed form as well as my registration fee for the Inkin' Elite Retreat I am registered for the event on the dates listed on this contract and cancellations will not be accepted.  There will be no refund of my registration fee if I cannot attend.  Should I not be able to make it, I may make alternate arrangements for another person to go in my place, but I will be responsible for recovering my original registration fees from the other person.  I also understand that the tools supplied by Allison Okamitsu are her personal business supplies and I will treat them with care and respect.  I use these tools at my own risk and will not hold Allison Okamitsu responsible should I sustain any personal injuries or waste/ruin my own personal supplies while using them.  There will be personal instruction available from Allison Okamitsu on the correct use of these tools and I will ask for assistance before proceeding.  Allison Okamitsu will not be held responsible or liable for any damaged, lost, or stolen items for the duration of the retreat, nor will she be held responsible or liable for my personal safety, health, or well being while attending the retreat.  I am responsible for my own transportation to, from, and during the event.  Should the event have to be rescheduled or cancelled due to circumstances beyond her control (fire, major weather event, major life event) I understand that Allison Okamitsu will not be held responsible.

Signature: __________________________ Date:_____________